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The Junior Digital Marketing Executive (formerly the Apprentice)

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

It’s official, I have completed my apprenticeship at QA with a distinction grade! After 15 months of tough work, ensuring my Intimation and Rubber Lips PR based portfolio was completed up to the highest possible standard and recently taking my end point assessment interview with BCS, I feel relieved but also somewhat conflicted as I’ve found this course to be both informative and valuable. However, I’m enthusiastic and prepared to take my role at Intimation and RL to the next level; looking forward to being able to allocate all of my time and attention to my work.

The apprenticeship experience varies in terms of workload and how connected it can be to your work within the job role. Personally, the required portfolio project related nicely to the campaigns I was working on within my role and pushed my abilities even further, allowing me to achieve the maximum markings, covering all aspects of the success criteria.

On several occasions throughout the course, I’ve attended QA’s insightful workshop weeks, which consist of support towards knowledge development in both the digital marketing and web development sectors. I discovered that the most impactful use of these workshop weeks was gaining an understanding of valuable and advantageous marketing tools, which I could then incorporate within my job role. The awareness of these new tools conveniently collaborated with QA’s grading criteria, as I’d already had a good understanding of each tool’s functionality when it was necessary to use them.

Overall, I’d highly recommend the apprenticeship route over any other. It has not only provided me with the skills and abilities to move forward to a digital marketing role, but it has also landed me a permanent place in the team; which there was every possibility I may not have secured without it. I look forward to what the future holds at Intimation and Rubber Lips PR.


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