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Case Study: DK Life Coach

Dean approached our team when work with a platform provider did not meet his requirements, discovering he needed the expertise of a full spectrum design and web development company to fulfil his unique requirements, of a strong platform, from which to promote his own business.


With a very clear idea on look and feel for his site, a number of regular video calls were set up with Dean, for the design and web teams to get to know the client and get a comprehensive brief for the job, before work commenced.

DK Life Coach Logo

Layouts were adjusted to make the site more visually appealing and placeholder text was inserted whilst accurate, informative and appealing, copy was created to portray the correct tone of voice for DK Life Coach.


Questions and discussions played a large part in reaching a stage whereby the client was satisfied. And instruction given, so the site was easily editable for text and imagery updates moving forward.


An e-commerce site, acting as the main selling portal for the business, the online store was created, simplifying the ease of process, with clear information and calls to action.


Upon running pre-launch checks and ensuring the client was 100% satisfied, the site was launched and set to live, ready for promotion.


Some post-launch housework included a redirect of all outdated or broken URLs, to ensure they pointed to the relevant new pages on the website, so no “Page not Found” messages were displayed and a final WIX SEO checklist completed to boost the website in search engines, raising the profile in Google results and driving higher traffic through the new site.


A new logo and some fresh business cards made sure ‘Dean Kushin Self Development Coach’ was ready for business.

DK Life Coach Website


“Choosing a web design business without referral feels like a risk. I’d already begun working on a website template via a well-known platform provider but found it to be clunky and difficult to use. In addition, the search for perfection meant a lot of procrastination and time wasting. So, I got in touch with the team at Intimation (Space Creative) for some help and a quote for their services. I found their pricing to be competitive but most importantly to me, they seemed to have a very personal approach - a bit like a family feel business and this appealed to me. 

To summarise, I’m pleased to say that not only have they done a fantastic job with my website, but they’ve exceeded my expectations. We ended up with a totally fresh site and a very bespoke feel. They helped me design a great logo, and even filled in some wording for me when I got stuck! 

More recently a swift turnaround for my first set of business cards, courtesy of Robin.

Thank you to Steve, Jack, Karl and Robin for all of your help and support. And a big thank you for being so patient with me. 


I’m sure we will work together again in the future. Wishing you all well.


Dean Kushin, DK Life Coach


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